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About Renaud Air and a Concerned Father

about-renaud-imgIannique Renaud CEO / Founder

The Renaud Air story begins with the plight of one parent trying to take care of his family. When Renaud Air founder Iannique Renaud’s son was still but an infant, he suffered from a respiratory condition doctors were at a loss to treat. After much research and worry for his child, Iannique finally provided his son with relief after investing in a set of air purifiers for his home.

The terrible feeling of helplessness Iannique felt while trying to cure his son was something he knew many parents experience—especially where allergens and heavy pollution are a daily fact of life. Remembering the heartache and frustration he’d felt while trying to take care of his own son.

Iannique spent the next 5 years distributing the leading brands of air purifiers to residential and commercial clients around Asia. But during that time, he also learned that the air purification industry is rife with misleading marketing and ineffective products. Even brands flaunting performance certifications from the world’s leading agencies didn’t live up to the advertising.

His ambition wasn’t just to provide consumers with high performance air purification solutions but to empower people with the information and transparency they need to break down all the hype and find products that are right for them.

Today, Renaud Air boasts 40 employees spanning 3 countires who help people live free from the dangers of indoor pollutants, contaminants and allergens by providing the most cutting-edge technology brands on the market and backing it with limited lifetime warranties and the best customer service in the industry. We guarantee respiratory relief, or your money back.

Furthermore, Renaud Air became one of the members of the LBS Group! LBS Group was established in Hong Kong in 1998, introducing professional restroom hygiene management concepts and technology to enhance the customer’s hygiene standard. As of today, the Group’s business has been expanded to more than 20 cities across the Crossstrait four regions and Southeast Asia. Listening, observing and analyzing our customers’ needs, introducing the “Total Hygiene Solution” with innovative and diversified products and services to satisfy our different customers’ needs.

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