Air Purifier Rental Program

So Much Freedom. So Much Flexibility through Renaud Air’s Air Purifier Rental Program

Everyone’s pre-approved** to receive clean air at one low flexible price which gives home owners, renters, business owners, schools, medical facilities in China a flexible payment option and extra benefits like these below so you can receive clean air with peace of mind.

  • Flexible payment options (Semester – 4 months, Semi-Annual – 6 months, Annual -12 months)
  • Worry free delivery and set up
  • Air testing before and after installation to ensure air quality meets international standards.
  • Upgrade when we receive new models. Enjoy new technology upgrade from time to time.
  • Receive FREE filter for as long as you rent.  No cost of ownership as we change for free every 3 to 6 months.
  • Worry free service and repairs included.

Contact us at 400 820 2791 or and ask to speak with a sales representative regarding the Renaud Air rental program.