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Water Testing Services

water testingWe provide comprehensive certified water testing for homeowners, renters and commercial properties.

Our water testing service addresses a variety of residential and commercial concerns. We have developed water testing services that address a variety of residential and commercial concerns. Whether your water comes from bottled water or from a public water supply, we have water testing packages that will help you determine the water quality in your home.

With over 9 years’ experience in air and water of experience we will be able to address that allow you to identify contaminants and possible treatment options for your water.


Our test takes approximately 20-25 minutes to set up, during which time your technician could talk to you about possible treatment options for your water and a system that will receive top quality drinking and bathing water.


Domestic Water Testing Package (33 Items)

Micro-Organism Toxicity General Chemicals
Total coliform bacteria Arsenic Chroma
Themotolerant coliform bacteria Cadmium Turbidity
Escherichia coli Hexavalent Chromium Odor and Flavor
Colony count Lead Visible Objects
Mercury PH
Selenium Oxygen Count
Cyanide Aluminum
Fluoride Iron
Nitrate Manganese
Chloroform Copper
Carbon Tetrachloride Zinc
Residual Chlorine Chloride
Total Dissolved Solids(TDS)
Total Hardness(count by CaCo3)
Volatile Phenols
Anion Synthetic Detergent
Oxygen Consumption


We can also provide you with the follow services:

Water Filtration System Installation

We will provide full installation service for all of your water filtration needs for any products purchased through Renaudair. Our expert team has years of experience with installing filtration systems. Each filtration system is designed and equipped for your specific needs.

Water Filtration System Preventative Maintenance

At Renaud Air we stand by all our guarantees to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We will provide regular water filtration system preventive maintenance to ensure that our products are operating properly at all times. This service includes inspection of the tanks, review and re-calibration of settings, water testing, adding minerals, and changing filters. We offer quarterly maintenance and checkup programs where we come and inspect your systems. Should any problem arise with your water filtration system we will gladly assess and repair any problematic equipment.

Water Filtration System Replacement Parts

Renaud Air provides all the top brands and products in water filtration parts. If you need new parts or replacement parts for your filtration system please we can help provide what you need.
Please contact us at 400 820 2791 or email us at to speak and schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

For orders and inquiries, please call 4009203910 / email, or add our Customer Service WeChat account: 17702161231.